Beautiful Decorating Studio Apartments

Decorating studio apartments – This is an interesting game to design and decorate small apartments. In this case look at the carpet (full color) as it makes the place look more elongated. This complement is strategically place to make this amplitude effect. And also, the place is small but the natural lighting source is huge. This is taken advantage of with a beautiful venetian blind. Which lets the light through and is adjustable. Also its lines, along with those of the carpet, then complement to make it appear longer the room.

Decorating Studio Apartments Wall Stripes

Moreover, all the furniture decorating studio apartments is almost equal height. And also shares something else: the materials are brilliant. Almost all materials shine, either by their metallic or lacquered finish. This makes the lines reflect and then ceiling (which contains good artificial lighting) looks higher.

Another good option for dividing decorating studio apartments is to use crystals. Either on the top of partitions or on entire walls and glass doors.  This solution is very intelligent because the glass lets light pass through it. And in this way the space on the other side will remain illuminate. Definitely the best solution for small rooms and areas without windows or facing an inner courtyard.

12 Beautiful Decorating Studio Apartments Photos