Art Deco Apartments, Sharp Angles And Patterns

Art deco apartments – When a group of leading Parisian artists organize an exposition. Dedicate to the decorative arts and modern industry in 1925. They fuel the movement of a brief but highly influential design became known as Art Deco. In the 20s and 30s it came to dominate the entire range of decorative arts. In fields as diverse as architecture, industrial design, and, of course, the interior design.

Art Deco Apartments Address

We can still see the building art deco apartments in many cities and. Thanks to the revival in the 80s, in the hotel and other commercial spaces. To get the full picture you have to do today is look at. Any Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musicals of the 30’s. And you will be instantly immerse in the total experience of Art Deco. I like the center of the Art Deco Futurist faith, the faith that now seems quaint and naive. But that creates a unique overall design language that can add an element of wistful nostalgia. And playfulness with contemporary interior design.

art deco apartments is, above all, modern with a capital M. geometric shapes, sharp angles. Tread patterns and sweep curves are intend to capture. The rapid advances in industry and technology that marked the early 20th century. This is why some of the most iconic examples of the style Art Deco is a symbol of hi-tech time. Skyscrapers, ships, radio and even phonographs. This is why the preferred material is aluminum, glass and stainless steel.


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