Apartment Decorating On A Dime Ideas

Apartment decorating on a dime – Decorating an apartment can be a challenge. Tenants must follow the rules set by their landlords, and in some cases that may mean something painting and no nail holes. In addition, most apartments’ residents have to do with a lack of space, or uncomfortable space. It’s tempting not to spend time and energy to adapt your apartment, because you can see it as temporary, but it is always a good idea to make your home feel like yours, whether it’s a rental.

Apartment Decorating On A Dime Bed


The apartment decorating on a dime generally has a very open wall space. One way to address this is to use bookcases as storage and even as decoration. To do this, place the two high bookshelves side by side and cover the bookcases with floor length curtains hung from the ceiling; curtains should either match other window treatments in your room or complement the decor of your room anyway. The curtains hang down when you want them to, or be linked back to expose the bookcases.


The way you arrange your furniture can make a huge difference in your apartment decorating on a dime. One mistake that apartment dwellers often make is to push all the furniture up against the walls. Instead, place the sofa in the middle of the room, preferably on a carpet. A coffee table can be placed in front of the couch and other seating arranged around the couch. This allows for multiple paths and creates an area conducive to conversation.

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