Antique Crystal Scotch Glasses

Crystal scotch glasses – Decantation originally done for a very old wine aged for years, even centuries. It seems clear that there will be sediment and wine or rum and cognac even be very cloudy.

Crystal Scotch Glasses With Ice Ball

Sediment and turbidity that will often make a bitter drink, sandy or even smell, so therefore, crystal scotch glasses was first coined also called teapot, introduced by Venice during the Renaissance. But decantation serves not only to clean up sediment often improves the bouquet and above all flavor drink with a process known as aeration.

Most crystal scotch glasses traditionally hold one bottle of wine, a normal size to about 25.4 oz, although it was not as important as form. Often been usually just for decoration, but given function is actually to use a decanter for separation and aeration.

For the separation it is best to pour the wine slowly from the bottle. But new wine must be absolutely poured immediately into crystal scotch glasses or even ignore decanter all together by saying young wine is cheap and just pour from the bottle directly into your glass. But old or new pour wine on the side of the glass. It also helps aerate the wine. If you enjoy something with a delicate bouquet swirling the glass a few times before gulping it also helps to release the flavor and bouquet.



12 Antique Crystal Scotch Glasses Photos