Amazing Studio Apartment Setup

Studio apartment setup is very small living spaces that include living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, all in a reduced area. These apartments are usually cheaper and therefore are preferred by singles and students. These apartments are usually so small that furnishing and decorating them can become a challenge. Hence the importance of decorating studio apartments in an intelligent way. Because this way the place will not look messy or crowded.

Cool Studio Apartment Setup

When you paint your studio apartment setup, do not use more than two colors. And as it is a place of small dimensions, too many colors on the walls will make it look crowd and dark. Instead, look for a very clear tone. And use a color as red, orange or blue on a single wall as detail . This will make the apartment look stylish.

Choose multifunctional furniture. For example, a sofa that can become a bed at night. Invest in a folding table that can expand when you have guests to eat. The storage space is very important, in a studio apartment setup, so take advantage of the furniture that can also fulfill this function. The colors of the lingerie and upholstery should harmonize with the walls. Seeks to take advantage of wall space with floating roof or wall shelves, not only serve as a library, but you can display decorative pieces there.

12 Amazing Studio Apartment Setup Photos